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HCoop user bpt; member since 2005, Secretary 2011--present

OpenID server

Would it make sense for HCoop to be an OpenID provider? Gracie is a server that authenticates users using PAM, and it's in Debian. We could allow users to register their identity URIs using domtool, as well as supporting http://hcoop.net/~user automatically.


Gitweb URIs: Repo.or.cz uses cleaner URIs than gitweb's defaults -- for example, /w/foo.git/commit/abcdef for viewing an individual commit. We should patch our gitweb script to provide something similar.

Provide more VCS web interfaces: eventually we should have some subset of darcshub, darcsweb, hgweb, gitorious, cgit, extended gitweb, maybe even Sourceforge or Savane (or, as of 2016, Gitlab/Kallithea/gogs/...)

Fix moinmoin headings somehow. Many pages use H1 for section titles which makes the outline (in the html5 sense) nonsensical and contradicts w3c recommendations

Fix defaults that lead to serving the same resource from multiple URIs. In particular, don't serve files from public_html from domains by default, and use permanent redirects from the www subdomain to the bare domain name or vice versa

Poll members about what they would like to do with free social networking services (e.g., ostatus, mediagoblin); what approaches they would prefer for vanity domains vs. central installations; use by non-members (e.g. will their friends want to use their installations, would their friends join hcoop, etc.); semi-managed installations vs. manual individual administration; ...

Implement portal redesign: http://hcoop.net/~bpt/tmp/portal.html

Find out whether we can accept copyright assignments

Pass ntk's anti-FISA policy

Moniker TODOs: Keep changes in version control. Reduce wasted white space at top of page. Center HCoop logo.

Policy/guideline ideas:

Licensing policy: (A)GPLv3-compatible for software, the usual free content licenses for other things? We may want an exception for logos, or just protect them as trademarks like Debian does. The content license(s) should be GPL-compatible since we probably have some "content" that is GPL, like domtool docstrings. (CC-BY-SA 4.0 is one-way compatible with GPLv3.) Relicensing the wiki may be difficult, but there are probably not many (15, 20?) contributors of substantial amounts of currently-relevant text, excluding homepages.

Internal writing guidelines: use gender-inclusive language; promote only FreeSoftware officially, and ask that people consider FreeSoftware principles and the SevenPrinciples when officially recommending a service or organization; write "GNU/Linux" instead of "Linux" when referring to the entire OS

One good reason not to allow .htaccess: it's apparently difficult to control which HTTP headers can be set by users


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