Managing Backups

The backup manager script is currently broken and needs to be rewritten on top of obnam.

Using backup-manager:

backup-manager list
backup-manager list YYYY.MM.DD

2. Retrieving a backup

(NOTE: $VOLNAME is not simply username, it is <db|mail|user>.USERNAME)

Using backup-manager:

backup-manager get YYYY.MM.DD $VOLNAME.dump.gz.aescrypt

3. Restoring the volume dump to a volume with a new name

Using backup-manager:

backup-manager restore YYYY.MM.DD $VOLNAME.dump.gz.aescrypt $VOLNAME.restored


cat /vicepa/hcoop-backups/restored/YYYY.MM.DD-$VOLNAME.dump.gz.aescrypt | \
  ccrypt -cdk /etc/backup-encryption-key | \
  gunzip | \
  vos restore deleuze /vicepa $VOLNAME.restored

4. Mounting the newly restored volume onto the filesystem

fs mkm /afs/ $VOLNAME.restored
vos release old

5. Restoring a particular file

# examine /afs/

6. Unmounting the restored volume

fs rm /afs/
vos release old

7. Renaming the restored volume so it takes the place of the damaged/corrupted/erased volume

Do this if you want to restore an entire volume. This deletes the old volume and replaces it with the backup.

vos remove $VOLNAME
vos rename $VOLNAME.restored $VOLNAME

8. Removing the restored volume

If you only wanted to restore a few files from the volume, you should remove the local copy of the backup volume when done.

vos remove -id $VOLNAME.restored