We only use domain instead of dom because dom already includes the handleMail directive that we want to demonstrate.

domain "yourdomain" with
  (* HCoop should provide relaying for yourdomain *)
  emailAlias "user1" "";
  (* Forward mail from user1@yourdomain to *)
  emailAlias "user2" "me";
  (* Forward mail from user2@yourdomain to HCoop user me *)
  aliasMulti "pals" ["", "", "pal3"];
  (* Forward mail from pals@yorudomain to,, and HCoop user pal3 *)
  aliasDrop "spamtrap";
  (* Silently drop all mail to spamtrap@yourdomain *)
  defaultAlias "me";
  (* Send all yourdomain mail, period, to user me *)
  (* Only allow mail to be sent through your MX, typically *)