HCoop is almost unique in the history of the Internet. We are trying to provide highly configurable Internet hosting to the general public while maintaining a high level of security, so that your services keep running and your data stays safe and private. You can probably see that these goals conflict in a number of ways! Since our organization's birth in 2002, we've been evolving tools to help us reconcile these different goals. This document introduces the primary element of our current solution.

This solution is called DomTool, and here's the one-line summary of what it's all about:

Some other cogent properties of DomTool:

Some readers may be scared off by this level of technical jargon. We apologize, but we just couldn't help showing it off. ;-) The rest of this document will be aimed at the average member, assuming only a solid understanding of the basics of Linux and the Internet. In particular, we assume no experience with particular kinds of programming.