Configuring a single wiki

If you run a single wiki, you should not copy the file into your configuration directory (remove it and the .pyc file, if it is there). Without farmconfig, moin uses the default can be located anywhere, you just have make sure it can be imported by moin - it is a good idea to add the directory where it resides as first element to sys.path (this is the list of pathes python uses when searching for importable stuff). sys.path setup is done early, usually in the server adaptor script you use (e.g. moin.cgi or moin.wsgi) - see the comments in the script for details.

General notes on wiki/ structure:

# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-

from MoinMoin.config.multiconfig import DefaultConfig

class Config(DefaultConfig):

    sitename = u'MyWiki'   # u means that it will be converted to Unicode
    interwikiname = 'MyWiki'
    data_dir = '/where/ever/mywiki/data/'
    underlay_dir = '/where/ever/mywiki/underlay/'
    # More settings follow...