IP KVM Tunneling

To use a VNC through a tunnel, one of the following commands must be issued More information needed...

 /usr/local/bin/stunnel -f -c -d 5900 -r kvm.hcoop.net:15900


 ssh admin@kvm.hcoop.net -L 5900:`dig +short kvm.hcoop.net`:5900

Then use your favorite VNC client to connect to localhost:5900.

Note that the second command uses a numeric IP address because the KVM does not have a DNS server set. We don't want to set the DNS server, because we'd almost certainly forget to update it if it ever changed -- simplest to just run without one.

One known-good VNC client program is xtightvncviewer. After establishing a tunnel, a VNC connection using it may be established as follows.

 xtightvncviewer -bgr233 localhost

Once connected, you will be "looking through" an IP KVM which is connected to a KVM Switch (these are different devices!). By pressing scroll lock twice and then the up or down arrow (ie SCRL SCRL UP or SCRL SCRL DOWN) you can switch between the various machines connected to the KVM Switch. Currently there are two: deleuze and mire.