Things the freeze script does

1. Disable log-in

2. Remove Domtool access

3. Remove crontab access

For every server where we allow members cron access:

4. Kill lingering processes

For every server where members may run processes:

5. Hide Mailman lists

Figure out which lists belong to this member and temporarily block them at the Exim level? Auto-reply to post attempts suggesting that the poster complain to the delinquent member would be great!

Not yet implemented

6. Revoke database access

Somehow revoke permissions on MySQL and Postgres databases, in a way that can be reversed in unfreezing. This seems like low priority and can almost certainly be left out of the first version. (Though maybe it could be done easily by unmounting the member's database volume, though we want to leave his other volumes mounted.)

Not yet implemented

7. Disable services on PAM level

Add username to /etc/frozen.users or something, and have not being mentioned in that file as a prerequisite for PAM success. Two things to take into account:

Not yet implemented

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