WebDAV is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers. WebDAV is useful when working on a website using systems that cannot mount an AFS share. General information of WebDAV can be found athttp://research.cs.berkeley.edu/doc/dav/.

If you want to be able to use DAV services with your own domain name, you will need to set up a host which is served via HTTPS. The Getting HTTPS access working section above should be of help. Then, you will want to add a stanza to your DomTool configuration to serve DAV. An example follows.

  (* Redirect HTTP to HTTPS *)
  web "dav" with
    rewriteRule "^(.*)$" "https://dav.yourdomain$1" [redirect];

  (* Serving DAV over HTTPS *)
  web "dav" where
    DocumentRoot = home "dav";
    SSL = use_cert "/etc/apache2/ssl/user/yourdomain.pem";
    addDefaultCharset "utf-8";

    location "/" with

You will almost certainly want to require authorization to access your davFilesystem, since it runs with your $USER.daemon tokens, and can therefore read and write anything it can.