Configuration files

Domtool has user-specified configuration files that determine how to set up a domain or subdomain. Each file contains all of the information needed to configure a single domain.

If you want Domtool to process these files automatically, then place them in the ~/.domtool directory. If you are just testing out a domain temporarily, the configuration files may be placed anywhere.

By default, this ~/.domtool directory is actually a symlink to the ~/.public/.domtool directory. This makes your configuration files readable by anyone, but writable only by you. If you want to make them private, then do the following.

rm ~/.domtool
mkdir ~/.domtool
fs setacl ~/.domtool domtool read
# Do the following two commands if you have any files in ~/.public/.domtool
mv ~/.public/.domtool/* ~/.domtool
rmdir ~/.public/.domtool