Upgrade Fritz's RAM and attempt to restore KvmAccess.

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6. People

7. Goals

8. Outcome

8.1. Short Version

8.2. Long Version

The actual RAM upgrade for fritz seemed to go quite smoothly. Fritz was down for ~15 minutes for hardware surgery, beating the expected time by a great margin. It was when it booted that problems developed. None were fatal, but combined caused fritz to take an ~1h15m before afs was restored and nearly another hour before all services were restored.

Attempts to restore KvmAccess ended with hopper being accessible and the other machines appearing to not work. ClintonEbadi requested that hopper's cables be swapped onto fritz, but fritz continues to not display anything. The KVM may be dying.

We managed to reboot deleuze. It required manually pressing the power button to make it finish halting, but it booted cleanly and quickly afterward.



8.3. Next Steps

9. Supporting Material


10. Itinerary

10.1. Upgrade Fritz Memory

SERVICE IMPACTING. Goal: 30 minutes downtime. Stretch: One hour. (Fritz can take up to 15 minutes to reboot)

10.2. Restore KVM

Not Service Impacting

10.3. Reboot Deleuze

Minor Service Impact (Mail will be rejected briefly)