Q: Can I edit this wiki before joining?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I use an HCoop account for commercial purposes?

A: Yes! Owners of sole proprietorships can join and use HCoop for their small business just like any other member. For partnerships, LLCs, corporations and such, the terms would depend on the intended usage of HCoop. If all you need is one shell with websites and email aliases for your domains, then your business can probably join as a single member on the same terms.

We're a registered Pennsylvania (USA) non-profit corporation with HcoopBylaws that put complete control and ownership of the co-op in the hands of the members. Each member has an equal vote on issues like electing the board of directors. The board makes all of the day-to-day decisions that control how the co-op works socially and technically.

HCoop is also recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(12) tax-exempt cooperative, and thus is not liable for any federal income tax.

Q: How can I get answers to questions not covered here?

Come to our IrcChannel, #hcoop on Libera.Chat!