This is the HCoop Member Manual. It will tell you all you need to know about using HCoop services and participating in the co-op.

This a work in progress, so don't expect complete content yet.

[:/MigrationGuide:Migration Guide]

Steps for migrating from the old HCoop server to the new setup.

[:/GettingStarted:Getting Started]

Things that new and current members must know about HCoop's setup. It is considered required reading before contacting HCoop administrators or filing support requests.

[:/UsingDomtool:Using Domtool]

The bare minimum that you need to know concerning our use of DomTool.

[:/TransferringFiles:Transferring Files]

How to transfer files to your home directory, which is kept in AFS.

[:/EmailDelivery:Email Delivery]

How to receive and manage your email.

[:/ServingWebsites:Serving Websites]

How to serve your website(s).

[:/UsingCron:Using cron]

How to periodically run unattended commands using cron.

[:/CustomDaemons:Custom Daemons]

How to run custom daemons on HCoop servers.

[:/VersionControl:Version Control]

How to use version control software to host code on HCoop servers.

Special-purpose informational pages


The page approved members are asked to read.


The page new members are asked to read after they have paid and their accounts are created.

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