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MemberManual / VersionControl

This is the chapter of the MemberManual that describes how to use version control software to host code on HCoop servers.


Git is a popular version control system that was initially started by Linus Torvalds, who also authored Linux.

For instructions on using it with HCoop, see the git subpage.


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Needs to at least explain how to do DAV+Subversion.


/!\ Write me.

Yet another popular revision control system. Please contact the HCoop admins if you know of cool ways that we can facilitate Mercurial usage on HCoop systems.


Darcs is a distributed version control system, similar to git and mercurial, but instead of focusing on trees and snapshots it focuses on patchs (changes). In particular does not maintain the chronological history and instead uses "patches dependencies". You can read more about Darcs on it's official web site.

For instructions on using it with HCoop, see the darcs subpage.

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