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This page describes the ways one can use darcs at HCoop

1. Hosting a darcs repository

You can use your web space for hosting a public darcs repository. This section descrives the steps you need to perform in order to do that.

1.1. Creating a repository on the server

First of all, you want to have a darcs repository accessible from the web. In order to do that you

cd ~/public_html
mkdir repo
cd repo
darcs initialize

now your repository can be cloned by simpl doing

darcs get http://hcoop.net/~USER/repo

Of course, you can host a repository on your own domain name too.

1.2. Pushing changes to the repository

You can push patches from your local repository to the repository hosted at HCoop using your ssh login:

darcs push ssh://USER@ssh.hcoop.net:public_html/repo

this command will prompt you for your password, you can set up passwordless login if you want to avoid that.

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