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[DIFF] 02:26 [INFO] ClintonEbadi document that courier needed nopag for vmail users
[DIFF] 18:48 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1,3-6]
StephenMichel [2]
#01 note domtool doesn't need to be installed to test
#03 domtool user not really required for dev builds
#06 try to fix up NonHCoopSetup a bit, very incomplete still
[DIFF] 16:36 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-4] #02 note where instructions on non-hcoop setups are
#03 redo prerequistes section
#04 quick list of packages needed
[DIFF] 16:17 [INFO] ClintonEbadi kwo port
[DIFF] 03:43 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-4] #01 moved hack for php5-cgi to navajos since we're getting rid of it, put acl in puppet
#02 fastcgi hack
#03 php7 issue
#04 acl manually applied for apache logs
[DIFF] 03:38 [INFO] ClintonEbadi installed puppet-posix_acl
[DIFF] 21:50 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #02 new web server, shelob
[DIFF] 14:58 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #01 correct date
#02 meeting date chosen
[DIFF] 14:58 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #01 correct date
#02 Renamed from 'IrcMeetings/2018052 1'. apparently i can't read a calendar ;)
[DELETED] 01:31 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #01 initial budget decision
#02 Renamed from 'IrcMeetings/Next'. date chosen
[DELETED] 01:29 [INFO] ClintonEbadi date chosen
[DIFF] 17:53 [INFO] ClintonEbadi remove some old cruft about shared-folder (create-user will create them now, and mire migration finished a decade ago). still needs work.


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