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[DIFF] 19:46 [INFO] ClintonEbadi mysql-fixperms is dead and members can DROP tables at will, update docs to remove workarounds for not having DROP by default
[DIFF] 18:42 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #01 ... but the puppet parts for installing spamd aren't public yet
#02 spamd config is public in git
[DIFF] 17:50 [INFO] ClintonEbadi some things are done, others are not
[DIFF] 11:40 [INFO] StephenMichel Added syntax (with reference links) for all entries
[DIFF] 06:28 [INFO] RobinTempleton [1-5] #02 add WikiReplacement2021 to top priorities, comment on VolunteerResponsePol icy
#03 note integricloud (power9-based hosting) as a probably-bad option
#04 add to "gitweb alternatives" item
[DIFF] 05:20 [INFO] RobinTempleton update redirect
[DIFF] 05:18 [INFO] RobinTempleton [1-2] #01 update link to my page
#02 remove myself from meeting records and portal roles (unclear whether i can fulfill those tasks atm)
[DIFF] 05:17 [INFO] RobinTempleton update link to my page
[DIFF] 04:01 [INFO] RobinTempleton update
[DIFF] 19:09 [INFO] RobinTempleton [1-3] #01 mark cccp as closed (website remains online, but there's no "california community colocation" organization listed by the IRS as tax-exempt; previous "closed in Jan 2007" note appears to be correct)
#02 ...checked status of other groups
#03 strikethrough some public hosting coops no longer in operation
[DIFF] 03:04 [INFO] RobinTempleton ALL CAPS -> bold or italic for security warnings
[DIFF] 22:38 [INFO] jeremia acme.sh defaults have changed.
[DIFF] 16:35 [INFO] ClintonEbadi board meeting
[DIFF] 16:33 [INFO] ClintonEbadi link to next meeting page


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