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[DIFF] 15:36 [INFO] ClintonEbadi nominate robin
[DIFF] 04:39 [INFO] ClintonEbadi update server names
[DIFF] 21:43 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #01 scratching down some thoughts on managing member data stored outside of afs
#02 did a couple of small things
[DIFF] 20:23 [INFO] ClintonEbadi update info on 990-N form
[DIFF] 03:42 [INFO] BjörnLindström [1-3] #03 Added my .forward for some more complicated examples using 'matches' regexps.
[DIFF] 20:47 [INFO] SrikanthSastry Updated the doc based on recreating bash profile from https://bugzilla.hco op.net/show_bug.cgi? id=1297
[DIFF] 20:33 [INFO] SrikanthSastry Updated acme shell script install and usage instructions
[DIFF] 11:26 [INFO] BjörnLindström Changed cronjob to run every 15 minutes, that's what the admin page suggests (though the Nextcloud manual example has 5 minutes)
[DIFF] 17:11 [INFO] SrikanthSastry Removed my location


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