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Admin Area

Links to detailed policies, procedures and information specific to HCoop. The resources here should allow HCoop admin team members to share information about every part of the complete system, and to allow easier training of future team members.

To be an admin

Sections you should read if you are interested in being an admin.

Admins: it is recommended that you watch the changes RSS feed to keep informed of what everyone is up to. Then, please document all of your work on here somewhere - that way we will not only have a record, but everyone gets notified about what is going on. Alternatively, you can create a wiki account and subscribe to the page regex .* (all pages).

Admins and Admin Responsibilities

Introductory material

Refer to documentation of each of the listed components. The information in our Wiki pages covers only the most basic principles, and quickly focuses on HCoop-specific setup, assuming skillset with the technology.

Planning and Records

Hardware / On-Site Infrastructure


This documents all software things that are not specific to the on-site infrastructure.

General Sysadmin

Documentation useful for the daily care and feeding of our systems.

Specific Services

Documentation of interest to people maintaining particular services.


Pages no longer considered relevant, but may be of historical interest or otherwise useful as source material for updated documentation.


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