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DaemonAdmin / Dovecot

In progress. We are more likely than not migrating from ./Courier to Dovecot.

1. Configuration Requirements

1.1. File Consistency

Not 100% certain, but to maintain file consistency the following looks OK:

mmap_disable = yes
mail_fsync = always
lock_method = flock

1.2. Authentication

1.3. Accessing Mail

1.4. Virtual Users

1.5. Sieve

1.6. Site{Spam,Ham}

We need a shared namespace, and SiteSpam/SiteHam should continue to work.

2. Domtool Changes

3. Testing

4. Migrating Data

4.1. Switching to $user.mail

Using one keytab per-user for all automated tasks is less than ideal. See bug #1120

It would be nice to get this over with sooner than later, but is likely too much additional work given that deleuze needs to be taken offline as quickly as is feasible and we already have to switch to a new imap server.


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