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DaemonAdmin / Mailman

Mailman packages and configuration are managed by Puppet class hcoop::service::mail::mailman2

1. Migrating Mailman Between Servers

  1. Copy /etc/mailman/{mm_cfg.py} to new server

    • vhost_cfg.py is generated by DomTool.

  2. Copy /etc/exim4/mailmandb to new server

  3. Stop mailman to prevent messages from being delivered while copying data: service mailman stop

  4. Copy /var/lib/mailman to new server

  5. In /etc/exim4/conf.d/main/01_exim4-config_listmacrosdef on:

    • the new mailman host: unset HCOOP_MAILMAN_RELAY_HOST

    • all other mail servers: set HCOOP_MAILMAN_RELAY_HOST to the new mailman host

  6. Start mailman on new server: service mailman start

  7. Reload exim, and everything ought to work

DomTool also needs some settings updated.

1.1. Move All Lists

The entirety of /var/lib/mailman can just be rsynced between servers. This is assuming Debian configuration where system controlled content and data like locks are stored in external directories and just symlinked from /var/lib/mailman.

2. Importing Individual Lists

Not entirely sure, but an old post on mailman-users might have some insight.

3. Change List Domain

If a member requests a change in the primary list domain

sudo -u list withlist -l -r fix_url LISTNAME -u NEWBASEURL

Mailman doesn't care about SSL, except for the list archive link, which is a template and can be edited through the web interface by the list owner.


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