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This page describes how admins may change their UNIX password (which is stored in /etc/shadow) on the new machines without disrupting Kerberos.

  1. Run


    and type your password twice. If you have GRUB installed on your home machine, you can do this there. Otherwise, log into mire.hcoop.net and do it.

  2. Copy the generated hash into the clipboard.
  3. Log into the machine where you want to change your password.
  4. Run

    EDITOR=emacs vipw -s

    This opens up /etc/shadow in emacs, and adds a safety net in case you make an error, by refusing to apply your changes if they would cause an error.

  5. Find the entry for your username. Replace the existing password hash for yourself. It will be the second field.
  6. Save and quit. vipw will tell you if there was an error. If there was not an error, it will apply your changes.

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