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1. Adding admin users

2. Disabling admin users

  1. Disable local password on all hosts (sudo usermod -L USER_admin)
  2. Disable local homedir on all hosts (sudo chmod 000 /home/USER_admin)
  3. Remove from /etc/login.restrict on all hosts (that file is present on non-member-login machines)
  4. Remove from /etc/sudoers on all hosts (sudo visudo)
  5. Randomize Kerberos password ON ALL KRB SERVERS (kadmin.local -p YOU_admin -q "cpw -randkey USER_admin")
  6. Randomize user.daemon Kerberos password ON ALL KRB SERVERS (kadmin.local -p YOU_admin -q "cpw -randkey USER_admin/daemon")
  7. Remove all permissions on USER_admin homedir in AFS (fs sa /afs/hcoop.net/user/U/US/USER_ADMIN -clear)
  8. Remove from BOS superuser list ON ALL AFS SERVERS (bos removeuser SERVER USER_admin)

3. Changing system passwords

  1. On all hosts: sudo usermod -p '$1$...md5hash' root
  2. ssh root@ or admin@kvm.hcoop.net, run 'setup', choose S, type in new password twice, choose W. (KVM will reboot to reload pw)

  3. ssh admin@mire-sp.hcoop.net, run 'access update password -u admin', and also 'access get users' to make sure there are no accounts besides 'admin'

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