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1. Git

Also see MemberManual/VersionControl/git

1.1. Gitweb

We are using gitweb from Debian.

The configuration is stored at /etc/gitweb.conf and is just tracked with EtcKeeper.

HCoop specific data is stored in /var/local/lib/git.

The script /afs/hcoop.net/common/etc/scripts/hcoop-git-maint is run by cron every fifteen minutes to find new git repositories and link them into /var/cache/git. This also generated a static cache of the front page, but this is not used at present.

1.2. Git Daemon

We are using a standard git-daemon and controlling it using runsv via the git-daemon-run package. Since we already require members to place their bare repositories in ~/.hcoop-git the daemon is run with --export-all, and so the git-daemon-export-ok file is neither respected nor required to export a git repository.

When configuring on a machine with a firewall make sure to open the git service port.


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