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The following are some Tips that might make your life easier.

1. Automatic Reboot Notifications

For some users it may be useful to have an automatic way of knowing when the HCoop server(s) is rebooted. For example, if there was unscheduled downtime and an user does not have an automatic script in place (either from lack of desire or simple impracticality) to restart personal daemons, it would be useful for that user to know when to restart the appropriate daemons.

This can be accomplished on a per user basis by utilizing a crontab file and a single command.

1.1. Editing the Crontab

After requesting authorization for crontab, an user can run:

crontab -e

to edit his personal crontab. Crontab will use the default editor or the editor in VISUAL or EDITOR to edit the users crontab file. Something similar to the following should then be appended to the end of the file:

@reboot cat ~/.reboot_notice | mail -s "[Reboot Message Subject]" <username>

Where <username> is the name of the user and [Reboot Message Subject] is replaced by the desired Subject of the message.

The user should then edit ~/.reboot_notice to contain the desired body of the message that will be sent.

2. Changing login shell on mire

chsh will not work on mire.

Instead create a symbolic link in your home directory called .loginshell, pointing to your desired login shell, like for example so:

ln -s /bin/zsh ~/.loginshell

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