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DaemonAdmin / Portal

The HCoop portal runs https://members.hcoop.net and https://join.hcoop.net, generates the member directory, and manages the vmail user database.

1. Build Requirements

The portal requires mlt (an html templating system for smlnj) and smlsql (postgresql bindings for smlnj). They are managed in the standard hcoop git repositories. The password generating tool also relies upon apg (automatic password generator).

The portal build utilities stored in and installed to ~hcoop/portal-tools/...

mlt and smlsql licensed under the LGPL version 2.1 or any later version.

2. Source

The portal source lives in module portal of our git server. The main check-out is in /afs/hcoop.net/user/h/hc/hcoop/portal3.

The portal source is available under the GPLv3 or any later version.

3. Building

Run /afs/hcoop.net/common/etc/scripts/become-hcoop before modifying files in the main check-out or running any git commands that would modify it.

There are small CGI wrappers which just run compiled binaries in ~hcoop/portal-tools/cgi/. The file mlt.conf contains the CGI installation path (modify this to suit your system if building locally). These wrappers are generated automatically by mlt.

3.1. Publishing

To recompile and publish, login to the webserver hosting the portal (navajos as of 2018-03, but verify in the hcoop.net domtool configuration), enter the portal source directory, and run ~hcoop/portal-tools/bin/mlt:

cd ~/portal3

3.2. Regenerating Page Header

header.mlt and footer.mlt are built from assorted other files. Running make in a check-out directory should build them. See the Makefile for how they're built. Note that make won't publish changes that you make onto the real web sites; you must use mlt for that.

Needed files for building:

3.3. Other Applications Within the Portal

There are some subdirectories of portal that contain different web apps, like app (the source for join.hcoop.net). You must run mlt separately in any of these directories to publish changes in it. These include:

4. Maintenance

4.1. Cron Jobs

The portal source contains a crontab which should be installed and run under the hcoop user. This sends out monthly dues reminders and periodically generates semi-static pages.

4.2. Adding Machine

To support user requests for a machine, insert a WebNode into the database. The Debian version should be the release name (e.g. "squeeze").

INSERT INTO WebNode (id, name, descr, debian)
        VALUES ((select max(id)+1 from WebNode), $HOST, $DESCRIPTION, $DEBIANVERSION);

If the machine should show up in the portal for members to request permissions or packages on, add it to ActiveWebNodes.

insert into ActiveWebNode VALUES ((select id from WebNode where name = '$HOST'));


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