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[DIFF] 19:55 [INFO] KevinEverets
[DIFF] 14:33 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #01 db backups are working now
#02 note purging mod_mam
[DIFF] 00:51 [INFO] ClintonEbadi meeting date set
[DIFF] 23:48 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-2] #02 basic example of new proxyRewrite directive
[DIFF] 23:35 [INFO] ClintonEbadi Revert to revision 21.
[DELETED] 23:35 [INFO] ClintonEbadi Page deleted by Despam action
[DIFF] 21:19 [INFO] ClintonEbadi [1-4] #03 cleaned up puppet deploys
#04 having second thoughts about firewall_multi
[DIFF] 00:37 [INFO] ClintonEbadi notes on re-installed outpost
[DIFF] 00:32 [INFO] ClintonEbadi upgraded outpost to stretch
[DELETED] 02:24 [INFO] ClintonEbadi stub agenda
[DIFF] 18:09 [INFO] StephenMichel add info about sieve filters


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