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HCoop member since 2005; served as Secretary 2011--2018 HCoop member since 2005; served as Secretary 2011--2018, 2022

HCoop member since 2005; served as Secretary 2011--2018, 2022

Top priorities

  • Jitsi Meet support
  • ActivityPub-based libre social networking system (e.g., Mastodon, Pleroma, etc. -- Twitter/FB alternatives)

  • Matrix or a similar libre text-chat system (maybe; at least we have IRC and XMPP)
  • Finish HCoop packaging for Guix to make it easier for non-sysadmins to experiment
  • Implement client-side HCoop integration under Guix System (openafs service, etc.)
  • Help resolve the WikiReplacement2021 situation


  • Automagic LetsEncrypt integration: ideally make it entirely automatic and enabled by default

  • Allow use of GNU Guix on HCoop (provided that resource requirements are not too high)
  • Informally federate with other hosting coops and collectives? Perhaps go further and informally federate with workers coops as well?
  • Better domtool usability; perhaps eldoc integration, a GUI/form-based interface to (a subset) of the language, etc.
  • Become a small-scale Gandi domain reseller? (easy "buy and add a domain" system for portal)
  • Better voting system for board elections (ranked-choice or similar)? Purely a theoretical issue right now
  • Try out some gitweb alternatives, like sourcehut, gitile, .... Minimally a nicer gitweb-type browser would be good; it'd also be useful to have Github/Gitweb-style PRs, though there are probably issues (spam) with allowing that for contributions from non-members (would we need a vmail-type system for auth? or just restrict pushing to members)
  • Kerberos 2FA support?
  • Single sign-on for hcoop.net websites? (not kerberos-based due to lack of browser support under typical configurations, although that's theoretically possible, perhaps with a WebExtension...)

  • Disable wiki captchas for logged-in users, or verified users in a particular group
  • Try out account renaming
  • Licensing policy (libre licensing for software and official documentation)
  • Contemplate new/adjusted logo design
  • Website design tweaks
  • Sieve support for roundcube
  • Discuss possible uses of a surplus
  • Integricloud offers POWER9-based hosting (presumably with RaptorCS hardware), but is expensive and probably not a good candidate for several other reasons
  • Rethink VolunteerResponsePolicy: consider ntk's comment on admin vs. operational response times, also perhaps require sysadmins to take some time off periodically

  • Evaluate other bug reporting/ticketing systems like osTicket and debbugs (i like bugzilla but some, probably many, people don't)
  • Application link is not nearly obvious enough on the homepage

  • Apparently for email we should have not just SPF but also DKIM (which is way more complicated)
  • Review LibreSaaS list

  • Debug wiki list CSS: links in items cause additional whitespace


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