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1. Background

We are currently using moinmoin version 1.9 for this wiki. Version 1.9 requires Python 2.7 which is no longer developed by Python upstream, and will not be available in future Debian releases. Moinmoin 2 solves that and had many other improvements, but it is still in development.

2. Features

2.1. Current

2.2. Desired

2.3. Options

See also Wikipedia's wiki comparison

2.3.1. Gitit

2.3.2. Gollum

2.3.3. ikiwiki

2.3.4. MediaWiki

2.3.5. Moinmoin under Tauthon

Tauthon is a fork of Python 2 that is actively developed. It maintains backwards compatibility with Python 2 while adding language features from Python 3 in a backwards compatible way. We could run moinmoin 1.9 with Tauthon. It is currently not packaged for Debian.

Syntax: https://wiki.hcoop.net/HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax

2.3.6. OddMuse

2.3.7. Phriction

2.3.8. SourceHut

2.3.9. Trac

2.3.10. XWiki

2.3.11. DokuWiki

2.3.12. Mycorrhiza

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