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== 2012 Board Statement ==

This last year HCoop has been pretty inactive. We're really doing worse than we could; I'm effectively the primary sysadmin (and I suck at it!) and cat herder (I suck at that too). It appears that AdamChlipala is leaving the board so we're at a crossroads -- we've made it about a decade in one form or another; can we keep going?

This year, hopefully with fresh board members, we can actually accomplish some of the goals I've mused about over the last three years. The first step will be to get a new members server on atop fritz (modern Debian!) and get LaurenMcNees's excellent redesign of hcoop.net online. From there our first priority has to be attracting more members in the hopes that we find a few more self-starting volunteers to enhance our infrastructure.

== 2010 Board Statement ==

=== Hardware ===

We have procured a new machine and, after some delays, are near to
having it online as our primary file and database server. This will
allow us to handle our (finally) growing membership gracefully.

My primary hardware goal for 2010 is to make our central services
redundant. At the very least allowing mail delivery, databases, and
read-only AFS volumes for all users to continue functioning in case of
the failure of one machine.

=== System Administration ===

A year ago DavorOcelic was more or less our only admin, and I knew
next to nothing about our setup and could perform only menial tasks
under his supervision.

After a year I have become competent enough with the software HCoop
uses to provide actual assistance to Davor, thus giving us two primary
admins. RichardDarst has also joined the admin team and has been quite
helpful with physical hardware visits and is now in our sysadmin

This puts us in a tolerable situation, but this is still less than
ideal. Currently we are without a maintainer for DomTool or the portal
as AdamChlipala (after many years of volunteering) has decided to step
down from software maintenance.

Over the next year we will need to bring at least one more person onto
the admin team and find a new maintainer for our custom software.

=== Financial ===

This year I was able to convince the board that $7/month dues were
reasonable, and we've managed to bring HCoop to a reasonably stable
financial position. We are within 20 members of being able to phase
out of the dues system (intended as a temporary measure, but relied
upon for far too long to keep us afloat).

My goal of expanding membership to ~300 was unrealistic last year, but
now that services have stabilized and our sysadmin situation is better
we have been slowly increasing membership month to month. Expanding to
200 members in 2010 would be reasonable without much effort; if we
attempted to attract new members we might well hit 300 (and we have
the infrastructure in place now to handle this many).

With even 200 members we will be in a position to replace our aging
hardware and thus expand the available services to all members.

== 2009 Board Election ==

=== Hardware ===

We should take stock of our current hardware, get hopper online soon,
and see if it is worthwhile getting xanadu online for shell access.

=== Financial ===

Right now our financial situation is untenable; we have 134 members
with base expenses of over $750 per month and are only able to operate
because of members with multiple pledges. The active members of the
coop should attempt to get a friend or two to join, and we should
address any issues that would prevent someone familiar with UNIX from

A goal of expanding membership to around 300 by next year seems
reasonable given the hardware we own, and would put us in a position
to explore things like having a part-time paid sysadmin and expanding
a bit more aggressively six months to a year from now.

=== System Administration ===

The main volunteer system administrator pool should be expanded from
three to four in order to replace mwolson and remove some task burden
from docelic. If no one else wishes to volunteer, I should be able to
assist, but it has been quite a while since I've done any system
adminstration for anything other than my personal machine.

Setting up a firewall and user limits similar to what we used on
fyodor is essential to expanding beyond our current membership; right
now we have resources to spare and ports a plenty, but I suspect that
with 300 or so members we'll be close enough to our hardware limits on
at least mire that we'll need to prevent the occasional runaway
process from interrupting service for other users.
See [[/BoardStatements]]

I am Clinton Ebadi.

1. Board Statements

See /BoardStatements

2. Contact

  • <clinton at unknownlamer dot org> (Email)

  • unknownlamer (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • <clinton at hcoop dot net> (Jabber)

  • unknown_lamer on freenode (IRC) in #hcoop

  • +1 443 538 8058 (Phone, SMS preffered)

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