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Update docs with warnings for gmail users about steps they need to take to avoid having all hcoop mail rejected:

 * [[MemberManual/Email]] (new section, canonical location that everywhere else references)
 * MemberManual/GettingStarted/AccountCreated
 * NavajosBogMigrationGuide

I am Clinton Ebadi.

1. Board Statements

See /BoardStatements

2. General Coop Goals

Unstructured musing on when/what I think the coop ought to be.

  • October 2012: New website online, navajos and bog both up with new members using them
  • October 2012->January 2013: Big push for new members. New website should make us seem more alive, we've finally fixed about 3/4 of the "temporary" hacks from when we first moved to Peer1, etc. In the background, prioritize getting rid of mire (less work: we just have to get people off of it), but also work toward getting rid of deleuze. Web services first (low hanging fruit), even if it means punting on fully converting to domtool managed sites (at least packaged and documented). AFAICT other than those we're just left with:

    • DomTool dispatcher

    • Master DNS
    • Exim
    • IMAP (might have to patch courier-authdaemon)
    • A few straggling openafs volumes (+ AFSDB records?)
    • Backups
    • MailMan

    • The portal
  • April 2013: Election and hopefully 150 members. Mire has been turned off for at least a month at this point.
  • Summer 2013: Assuming 150+ members, more disk space and perhaps more bandwidth are in order. Deleuze should be safe to turn off by now at the latest.
  • Late Summer 2013: Catch the sales on the last generation Dell 2U/2-socket machines and create a clean counterpart to fritz
    • Minimal KVM host setup for base OS. We might run the KDC and OpenAFS on the bare metal, not entirely certain.
    • Create new wheezy based VMs, duplicating (and turning into master) services hosted in VMs on fritz
      • For the first time, this is realistic: all of those months packaging our configuration pay off by sparing future-me from herculean efforts.
    • Fritz becomes the last-generation backup server (secondary dns + kdc + MX + xmpp + load balancing with apache? + automagic database replication for members + ???)
  • Spring 2014: Ponies for everyone.

3. Contact

  • <clinton at unknownlamer dot org> (Email)

  • unknownlamer (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • <clinton at hcoop dot net> (Jabber)

  • unknown_lamer on freenode (IRC) in #hcoop

  • +1 443 538 8058 (Phone, SMS preffered)

4. Websites

5. Admin Stuff

5.1. Terrible Things

Since we are having a roll call soon, we need to deal with these.

  • Removing ns3.hcoop.net, and outpost's IP changing. Members have been using the literal IPs in their low-level domain configs. Define nsN_ip values in hcoop.dtl and force members to use them.

  • phpVersion needs to change

5.1.1. Mail

  • Change DefaultAlias to false in the vain hope it makes gmail like us more. Side effect is less spam for everyone.

    • Really need to support $user+$local addresses for this to work well
    • Ideally we could drop spam and whatever, but that's a lot of work and possibly not the right thing
  • Change SPF for hcoop.net to mandate that all mail come from mail.hcoop.net.

    • And something like addHcoopSPF for members to set the same record if they want to forward through us

    • "-all" spf for mire/navajos/fritz/hopper.hcoop.net ? Possibly no, need to figure out rewriting to make sure no mail gets out with the hostname
  • Don't generate backscatter when spammers send mail to users forwarding offsite
    • Really not sure how to do this and not violate various RFCs
    • Looks basically impossible for gmail, best strategy is to mitigate spam sent to them in the first place
  • https://support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=175365

    • Inform members what they can do...
      • Add receipt address to send as, exim filter rule to nuke spam, ...
      • Can we add SPAM to the subject of all messages going to gmail that are marked as such by SA?

Immediate steps:

  • Change SPF records for hcoop.net and define addDefaultSPF (mx -all, making it effectively universal)

  • Recommend DefaultAlias = false

  • Point members at google forwarding docs
    • Directly suggest "send as..." change
    • Don't forward spam if possible (solicit an exim rule from a member...)
  • Fix exim TLS certificate (deleuze instead of mail)

Update docs with warnings for gmail users about steps they need to take to avoid having all hcoop mail rejected:


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