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 * [[MailTo(clinton at unknownlamer dot org)]] (Email)  * <<MailTo(clinton at unknownlamer dot org)>> (Email)
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 * [[MailTo(clinton at hcoop dot net)]] (Jabber)
 * unknown_lamer on [http://freenode.net freenode] (IRC) in #hcoop
 * <<MailTo(clinton at hcoop dot net)>> (Jabber)
 * unknown_lamer on [[http://freenode.net|freenode]] (IRC) in #hcoop

I am Clinton Ebadi.

1. Contact

  • <clinton at unknownlamer dot org> (Email)

  • unknownlamer (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • 41087914 (ICQ)
  • <clinton at hcoop dot net> (Jabber)

  • unknown_lamer on freenode (IRC) in #hcoop

  • +1 443 538 8058 (Phone, SMS preffered)

2. Websites

3. Something Else

I a bicycling and beer brewing bearded man who espouses a philosophy of personal freedom harmonizing with its contrary the needs of society. I hack Lisp and Scheme (mostly Common Lisp nowadays) and read strange old philosophy books for fun.


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