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We are using config-package-dev to manage the configuration of shared services.

1. Rationale

Using config-package-dev has several advantages for HCoop:

A system like Puppet might make sense in the future.

2. Current Config Packages

We are managing our configuration packages in git, at /afs/hcoop.net/user/h/hc/hcoop/.hcoop-git/debian, or you can view the list of configuration packages using gitweb.

3. Creating a Config Package

See DebianPackaging#Creating_a_Configuration_Package for the low-level details of creating a config package and our general packaging workflow with git-buildpackage.

The Debathena documentation describes the new primitives. Primarily, config packages will consist of files installed with dh_install, a few diversions, and some transformations. Use what makes sense: dh_installcron et al are your friends. The hcoop-apache2-config package is a good example.

4. Services Changed But Unpackaged