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I want to be honest, I think that what HCoop nets right now is a kind of person that is capable of performing treasurer duties (and generally manage finances in a transparent way) and/or capable at performing system maintenance/administration tasks. I can't be a treasurer (I think the treasurer has to be a US resident, at least); however, I can perform some sysadmin duties, and I generally know my way around UNIX-like systems, however I am not familiar with technologies like OpenAFS, for example.

Albeit, if I am to get elected as a board member, I would want to get involved into the following things:

  1. Outreach and transparency. I believe that hcoop needs more members! How can we gain them? Let's brainstorm.
    • I also think it's important to keep all the information up-to-date (and I try to edit the wiki when possible), as it gives more professional image (not to mention that it's useful in general).
  2. Working on domtool. I quite like the idea of domtool and I think I am savvy in functional programming. For example, we could add more apps (darcsweb is a good example, I think)

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