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1. Replacing Failed Drive on deleuze

1.1. Locate Failed Drive

Each drive bay has a pair of LEDs; drives in normal operation will both be green (top potentially blinking). A failed drive's lower LED will be blinking amber four times per second.

1.2. Remove Failed Drive

The Dell documentation says the drive must be prepared for removal, but there appears to be no way to do this. We have safely removed a drive blinking amber before; follow the Dell maintenance manual instructions for removing the drive and pray to a deity of your choice that this is actually safe.

1.3. Install Replacement Drive

This should be straightforward -- unscrew the old drive and screw the new drive into the sled, and install.

The lower LED on the sled may blink amber for a second or three and then should become steady green. If not something is awry.

1.4. Check RAID Status

As root on deleuze run (where N = logical drive number that had a failed drive):

megarc -ldInfo -a0 -LN

This should report the Physical Target Status of the new drive as RBLD and the logical drive as a whole should still be DEGRADED. The rebuild can be monitored by running:

megarc -showRbld -a0

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