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We keep all of our non-trivial custom programs and scripts in CVS for our SourceForge project. All HCoop admins should have SourceForge accounts and be added as developers for project hcoop.

There are instructions on how to use our project CVS, both for admins and curious others.

Every commit to our repository triggers an e-mail to the hcoop-cvs mailing list hosted at SourceForge. All developers for the project should probably subscribe to this list. It's open to the public, so anyone else should feel free to subscribe, too.

Our CVS repository contains several modules. Most of them are custom tools implemented in ML and "owned" by AdamChlipala, so that most others won't even need to check them out for modification. However, the misc module is of particular interest to all admins. Whenever you make significant changes to some script (for instance, modifying an /etc/init.d script to add AFS support), it should be checked into the appropriate subdirectory of the misc module. Rely on the README files in that module to determine which subdirectory that is, and be sure to add new READMEs and new entries to existing files as necessary to keep the module self-explanatory.


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