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DomTool / AdditionalClients

This page documents command-line tools besides the domtool* family that act as DomTool clients. It's aimed at admins. Most members will probably find the most useful documentation on these tools in other places scattered throughout this wiki.

1. dbtool

dbtool handles DBMS user and database creation. See the DomTool Dbms module for the hooks used to add handling for a new database server.

More detail should follow as we figure out how we'll be storing databases.

2. vmail

vmail manages mappings from virtual mailbox e-mail addresses to the locations of their Maildir mailboxes and their IMAP/POP passwords. Data goes into /etc/courier/userdb, which must be owned by the domtool user for vmail to work properly. /etc/courier/exim (text version of mapping database) and /etc/courier/exim.dat (compiled DBM version) are root-owned, and DomTool uses domtool-publish with sudo to manipulate them.

3. setsa

setsa sets SpamAssassin analysis preferences for different e-mail addresses. The set of addresses to filter is those who have files named after them in /etc/spamassassin/addrs, which should be owned by domtool.

4. smtplog

smtplog (previously called rlog) returns lines from the current SMTP log (in /var/log/exim4/mainlog) that contain a domain name. sudo domtool-publish is used to read this root-only file with grep.

5. mysql-fixperms

Runs /usr/bin/sudo -H /afs/hcoop.net/common/etc/scripts/mysql-grant-table-drop to grant users drop permissions on their MySQL tables.

6. fwtool

Documented on FirewallRules. fwtool regen $node regenerates the firewall on a given node.

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