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DomTool / Examples

Here are some example configuration files for DomTool, our distributed configuration management system.


1. Domains

1.1. The Model T

If you just want to declare your domain with a www.yourdomain virtual host serving out of ~/public_html/ and all mail forwarded to your mailbox, use: {{{dom "yourdomain" with end;}}}

1.2. Upgraded Model T

If you like everything dom gives you but want to add additional configuration, include it between with..end. For instance, to add an extra web virtual host other: {{{dom "yourdomain" with


1.3. The Do-It-Yourself

The lowest-level way of configuring a domain is the domain directive, which does nothing but set up basic DNS parameters and provide a space for including further directives: {{{domain "yourdomain" with


2. DNS

Here's a tour through the available DNS features.

{{{domain "yourdomain" with