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DomTool / NonHCoopSetup

DomTool source code is, at places, HCoop and OpenAFS-specific. Here's a documented procedure for setting up DomTool on non-HCoop machines and without using AFS.

  1. Set up /etc/domtool (or specifically, the SSL CA in there) according to DomTool/SslProcedures

  2. Build and install the DomTool suite as explained in DomTool/Building and DomTool/Installation. (When creating user 'domtool', you can choose /home/domtool as the home directory)

  3. Edit /etc/init.d/domtool-* to replace shebang line /usr/bin/pagsh.openafs with /bin/sh (or /bin/bash), and replace "/usr/bin/k5start" with "/usr/local/bin/k5start"
  4. Edit /usr/local/bin/domtool-admin-sudo to replace shebang line /usr/bin/pagsh.openafs with /bin/sh (or /bin/bash), and to comment the kinit and aklog lines
  5. Create /usr/local/bin/k5start with the following content and chmod 755 it (remove "\" at the beginning):

# This counts on BASH_ARGV being a stack (bash v3.0+)

(NOTE: this document is unmaintained and not to be used as source of any information)


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