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Nominations are now CLOSED. Please do not edit this page unless you are already a candidate listed below. You may now vote in the election at [https://members.hcoop.net/portal/poll?vote=9].


Nominations are now CLOSED. Please do not edit this page unless you are already a candidate listed below. You may now vote in the election at [https://members.hcoop.net/portal/poll?vote=9].

This page is for the election of the second Board of Directors of HCoop, Inc. Nominations shall be done in our usual wiki style. Voting shall be done through the HCoop portal. You may see last year's election results at ["Election2006"] or summarized on the BoardOfDirectors website.

This election is governed by articles 3 and 4 of our HcoopBylaws. All current members in good standing may vote for three candidates to replace the outgoing board, whose term expires on April 11, 2007.

Please list candidates to nominate below. You may nominate any current HCoop members, including yourself. Please list candidate names alphabetically by last name, and list your own name as the nominator.

Nominations may continue until March 31, 2007, 11:59 PM UTC. Voting on all candidates who have accepted their nominations shall begin on April 4, 2007 at midnight UTC and continue for one week through April 11, 2007 at midnight UTC.

1. Nominations

  1. AdamChlipala. Nominated by NathanKennedy.

  2. DavorOcelic. Nominated by NathanKennedy.

  3. NathanKennedy. Nominated by AdamChlipala.

  4. JustinLeitgeb. Nominated by DmitriyMorozov.

2. Candidate Acceptances

Nominees who accept their nominations must place their name here, along with any statement or links that they wish to make.

  1. AdamChlipala. I started HCoop, and I'm the current president and treasurer. I develop the custom software that keeps HCoop running, including DomTool and [https://members.hcoop.net/ the portal]. I also get to be the one all the volunteers hate, because I have to poke them when they go radio silent and we're not sure if they're still handling their jobs!

  2. DavorOcelic. I am a current Board of Directors member. For my platform and an overview of my plans for HCoop in the following year, see my Wiki page DavorOcelic.

  3. JustinLeitgeb. I have been an HCoop member since 2005 and I helped out with the process of deciding on a new colocation site for our servers (i.e., the current project at Peer 1). For the platform that I am running on, see the wiki page JustinLeitgeb.

  4. NathanKennedy. I am currently a board member and secretary of HCoop. I've taken care of most of the legal side of HCoop, incorporating it as a nonprofit as well as successfully obtaining recognition from the IRS for HCoop as a tax-exempt cooperative. I have also dealt with Peer1 and handled the physical installation at the Peer1 site. My goals for 2007 include ensuring a smooth transition to our Peer1 site, planning for future growth, and ensuring that the future of HCoop is secure as a cooperative organization. Beyond the transition to our new architecture at Peer1, this includes developing a robust backup and disaster recovery protocol, developing an environmental policy, expanding the board from three to five seats over the next year, and at some point setting a target for hiring staff.

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