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Working notes on getting kvm working on fritz. This will need to be integrated into SetupNewMachines and AdminArea after everything is working.

See http://wiki.hcoop.net/Migration2009/SoftwareSetup for the gist of what ClintonEbadi is trying to do here, but s/OpenVZ/KVM via libvirt/g.

And see NavajosBogMigrationGuide for actually using this stuff.

1. Tasks

(./) = done, {o} = not done, <!> = possibly done, awaiting verification, {X} = gave up or died trying

Other tasks, lower priority:

2. Packages Config

This, and other information, should be merged into a general description of our infrastructure and how it differs from a stock Debian installation.

Things not mentioned on SetupNewMachines that had to have their default debconf values changed.

3. Major Open issues

This, and other things, should be merged into a "Undecided Infrastructure Issues" document, so that folks don't make the mistake that "the path of least resistance" is how we wanted to do things.

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