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== Joining HCoop == = Joining HCoop =
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== Miscellaneous == = Miscellaneous =
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== Spreading the word about HCoop == = Spreading the word about HCoop =
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=== Websites === == Websites ==
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=== T-shirt === == T-shirt ==
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=== Signatures === == Signatures ==
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=== Advertising === == Advertising ==
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=== Other === == Other ==

This page is for HCoop history, logos, grass-roots HCoop marketing ideas, and other bits of advocacy.


Joining HCoop

  • ProspectiveMemberFaq: Answers to frequently-asked questions about HCoop, joining HCoop, and what you can do after joining.

  • JoinUs: How to apply to join HCoop.

  • MemberManual: After joining HCoop, be sure to read the manual, so that you can create an account and stay in good standing with the co-operative. The [:MemberManual/GettingStarted:Getting Started chapter] is especially important.


  • OurHistory: Learn about the founding of HCoop and its continued history.

  • TheHcoopLook: web site visual design chatter.

  • ["T-Shirt"]: help design and plan the new HCoop T-shirt
  • HcoopPublicity: what publicity HCoop has received

Spreading the word about HCoop


Link to HCoop with the HCoop logo (LogoDiscussion) or images such as this one: [http://hcoop.net/~ntk/hcoop.png] This not only points users to our site from yours, it also increases HCoop's search engine rankings and makes it easier for people to find. HCoop's Alexa traffic rankings have gone from 4,000,000 to 900,000 in the last three months alone. If we can continue that trend we are on the right track.


Help out with our ["T-Shirt"] project. Create a design, or simply commit to buying one. If enough people do, we will make the HCoop T-shirt happen.


If appropriate, you can reference HCoop in email or web forum signatures.


We may or may not want to spend money on formal advertising for the cooperative. As an experiment I have submitted an ad to kuro5hin.org which will run for 10K exposures (out of NathanKennedy 's own pocket).


Add more ideas here!

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