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1. Spreading Cooperative Love

This page is for grass-roots HCOOP marketing ideas.

1.1. Websites

Link to HCOOP with the HCOOP logo (LogoDiscussion) or images such as this one: [http://hcoop.net/~ntk/hcoop.png]

1.2. Wikipedia

There is an HCOOP user box at Template:User_hcoop

You can add it to your User page by appending the string "user hcoop".

1.3. T-shirt

Help out with our ["T-Shirt"] project. Create a design, or simply commit to buying one. If enough people do, we will make the HCOOP T-shirt happen.

1.4. Signatures

If appropriate, you can reference HCOOP in email or web forum signatures.

1.5. Other

Add more ideas here!