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This page collects information on the hardware that we have installed or plan to install as part of HCoop infrastructure.


Use: fileserver, database server, email server, host for all services that don't involve dynamic content provided by non-admins.


Use: dynamic web content, services that involve running arbitrary code from members (including custom daemons, etc.)


Use: secondary KDC and AFS server



The StarTech Server Remote Control External KVM over IP provides access to systems that may have a degraded network. It allows us to monitor Power-On Self Test (POST), configure BIOS/CMOS, and even reinstall operating system software. It must be connected to another multiple port KVM in order to have access to more than one server.

Standard KVM

We have a standard KVM to allow remote switching between servers as maintenance requires.


Use: secondary DNS on a different subnet, all tasks requiring remote location.

Awaiting setup



xSeries (name to be chosen)

Use: .

Awaiting purchase

There are currently no new systems awaiting purchase. However, we'll be looking into:

* 1 or 2 disks for powering Xanadu as shell server


abulafia: shell server

Intended use: refurbished slightly to serve as a generic shell server and the only machine where usage not strictly related to "Internet hosting" is permitted.