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1. New System Hardware

During the HCoop IRC meeting on June 24, 2006, the group decided that it would based it's new system architecture on the following pieces of hardware:

Also, it was mentioned that we should research hardware support contracts from any vendor that will be selling us equipment.

Additionally, group decided that the server that HCoop currently owns, Abulafia, will be brought to he.net for shell service. This will follow a necessary re-load of the OS software at a time to be determined later.

This page will serve as a forum for collaborative research on the pieces of hardware that we need.

1.1. Servers

We will be purchasing two servers, which will be configured and sent to he.net for colocation.

1.1.1. Server Hardware Specifications

These servers should be as redundant as possible. At this point, we cannot afford to have less than one point of failure in many areas, so we should look for the following features in our new servers:

1.1.2. Server Hardware Vendors

1.2. Ethernet Switch

1.2.1. Switch Hardware Specifications

1.2.2. Switch Hardware Vendors

1.3. Serial Port

Docelic, or other users -- please update this section since I am entirely ignorant about these devices! :)

1.3.1. Serial Port Specifications

1.3.2. Serial Port Vendors

[http://www.cyclades.com/ Cyclades] was mentioned as one vendor of serial port devices which are linux-friendly.