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HelpOnMoinCommand / ExportDump

1. Creating a HTML dump of wiki content

"moin export dump" is an HTML export utility to create static HTML dumps of wiki content.

(!) You can dump the entire wiki, a single page, or several pages matching a regular expression.

1.1. Example

To execute moin export dump, use the command line interface to execute the moin script utility. The trailing backslash characters indicate line continuation in the example below. If your OS does not support command line continuation, key the entire command on a single line.

moin --config-dir=/mywiki \
     --wiki-url=www.myorg.org/mywiki/ \
     export dump \
     --page=WikiSandBox \
     --target-dir=/home/myname/outputdir \

The --config-dir parameter is required and must point to the directory containing your wikiconfig.py script.

The --wiki-url parameter is required and must point to the starting URL of your wiki.

The export dump parameters are required and indicate moin.py should execute the dump.py script in the export subdirectory.

The --page parameter is optional and will dump pages matching the pagename. This may be a regex to select multiple matching pages. If omitted, the contents of the entire wiki will be dumped, excluding the underlay pages.

The --target-dir specifies the output directory and is required.

The --username parameter is optional. With the parameter, the output is limited by ACL rules to pages that can be read by the username. Without the parameter, the output is limited to pages that can be read by all.

Note the --page, --target-dir, and --username parameters must follow the export dump parameters.

1.2. Output

The output directory will be populated with HTML pages corresponding to each page in your wiki, or as limited by the --page option and ACL rules.

An index.html file will be created with the contents of your FrontPage or the first page selected by the --page option. An attachments subdirectory will be created and all page attachments will be copied. An error.log file will be created.

If the --page parameter is not supplied, the TitleIndex.html and WordIndex.html pages will be created.

1.3. Known limitations