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IrcMeetings / 20080622

1. IRC Meeting to be held Sunday, June 22, 2008

1.1. Agenda (with conclusions)

We have recently had quite a bit of downtime, and it indicates that we need to improve and expand our infrastructure. Technical proposals for expansion have been requested on hcoop-sysadmin, and they should be complete by the time that the board meets. The primary purpose of the meeting is to figure out how financial and human resources can be allocated to improving our infrastructure.

1.1.1. Primary Agenda Item: Improving our infrastructure

We'll summarize proposals for expansion of our infrastructure, and figure out how much we can allocate for doing so. We should also be able to figure out a timeline for making those resources available.

Things to cover in "proposals for expansion of our infrastructure":

1.1.2. Secondary Agenda Items

Ancillary items that we should be able to take care of, and things that we just need to vote on while we have a quorum.

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