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Agenda   another   authority   bank   Board   center   come   data   Elect   Election   etc   finding   for   getting   handle   in   Locating   Meeting   member   need   new   Next   of   officers   online   perform   person   Plan   plans   possible   President   probably   quarterly   Results   rkd   Schedule   Secretary   Sooner   than   the   to   training   transfer   Treasurer   treasurer   up   visits   we   website   with  

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IrcMeetings / 20120428

1. Agenda

  1. Elect officers
    • Treasurer
    • President
    • Secretary
  2. Plan training of new treasurer
  3. Board Election Results
  4. Locating rkd
  5. Schedule Next Meeting
    • Sooner than quarterly -- we need to come up with plans for getting the new website online, finding a new member to handle possible data center visits, (probably) perform another in-person transfer of bank authority, etc.

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