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MemberManual / DataRetentionPolicy

This page lists HCoop's data retention policies.

HCoop Data Retention Policies

This document lists the retention and archival policies for data hosted on HCoop's servers. This policies are subject to alteration based on applicable laws of interception and/or other subpoena requests.

HCoop will keep your data private and will not share it any private parties or unauthorized personnel. HCoop provides methods allowing you to access your data over secure forms of communication. HCoop has made every effort to harden its systems against the possibility of network intrusions or unauthorized access to your data.

Home directories

HCoop backs up your home directory every night for the purposes of restoration in case of a catastrophic failure. The backup archives are retained for a period of unto 6 months. The backup archives could be used to restore data upon request from a customer. The backup archives are not made generally available to customers and should not be considered as part of your private and confidential data.

Email, Website data

Email is delivered directly to the user's home directory, and is thus considered as part of the data in user's home directory. Any websites hosted from a user's home directory are also considered part of the data in user's home directory. All the retention policies for data in the user's home directory are considered equally applicable to their email and any websites they chose to host from their home directories.


Whenever any member choses to exit the co-operative, HCoop will default to retaining their archival data for a period of up to 6 months. HCoop also offers members the option of not retaining any archival data, and delete them completely when they leave the co-operative.


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