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MemberManual / Email

This is the chapter of the MemberManual that describes how to receive and manage your email.



HCoop offers a good variety of ways to wrangle and access your email.

The ~/Maildir directory is created for you when your account is created. So please do not delete the ~/Maildir directory if you value mail delivery and access.


The ~/Maildir directory resides on its own volume, and has a separate quota from the rest of your home directory.

Before copying over any existing email, be sure that you have enough disk space in your quota. Here's how:

fs listquota ~/Maildir

This will give you the name of your mail volume, available space (in MB), used space (in MB), the percentage of your volume used, and the percent of space used on AFS by all HCoop volumes.

If you need more space, please file a support request at [https://members2.hcoop.net/portal/support] in the AFS category. Be sure to nmention how much space you want.


Both Exim filters and Procmail are available on the new systems. Please read the following subpages for further information.