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MemberManual / ManagingDNSRecords

DNS records are managed through Domtool. The most basic directives for adding DNS records are in the Bind module. There are also higher-level convenience directives in the Easy_domain module.

TXT records

A TXT record consists of a domain name and a string. The dnsDefaultText directive sets the domain name to the name of the domain the DNS record belongs to, which is the most typical case. The equivalent in some other domain management interfaces is putting @ in the domain name field. Let's say we're setting DNS records for example.com.

Domtool directive

dnsDefaultText "Wow, so text";

Resulting DNS record

example.com.   IN   TXT   "Wow, so text"

The addDefaultSPF directive adds a TXT record describing a basic Sender Policy Framework (SPF) setup.

Domtool directive


Resulting DNS record

example.com.   IN   TXT   "v=spf1 mx -all"


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