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MemberManual / UsingJabber

HCoop is running a closed registration [http://jabber.org Jabber] server.

Your UID will be in the form USER@hcoop.net.

JabberUsers contains a list of everyone with a Jabber account.

1. Account Setup

Please contact ClintonEbadi to have a new account made. Please provide him with your preferred username. DO NOT GIVE HIM A PASSWORD, one will be autogenerated. You may contact him in any way listed on his userpage (if you choose the phone method please SMS unless you first contact electronically to make sure he is there or you may not get an account right then). As soon as your user is added to the db you will be provided with the autogenerated password. Change this immediately upon logging in for the first time.

2. Client Setup

$USER refers to your Jabber username.

Please add info for any clients you use.

2.1. Logging in / Adding a New Account

2.1.1. Adium


  1. Open the Preferences dialog (Adium->Preferences or Command-comma)

  2. Go to the "Accounts" section
  3. Select "Jabber" from the "+" menu in the lower-left corner
  4. Enter "$USER@hcoop.net" in the "Jabber ID" field

  5. Enter your password in the "Password" field
  6. Click "OK"

2.1.2. Agile Messenger


  1. Add a new account of type "XMPP"
  2. Enter "$USER@hcoop.net" as the username

  3. Enter your password

Note that your resource will be "Work" and you cannot change this (as far as I can tell)

2.1.3. Gaim


  1. Open the Accounts dialog (Tools->Accounts or C-a)

  2. Add a new account
  3. Set the type to Jabber
  4. Screen Name = $USER, Server = hcoop.net

2.2. Changing Your Password

2.2.1. Gaim


  1. Go to Tools->Account Actions->$USER->Change Password

  2. Change your password